Here is a list of epics that are expected to be implemented some time in the future.
Small feature requests are present in GitHub issues.

Language features

  • support most of the PHP 8 syntax
  • modules inside PHP (internal classes inside namespaces, usage scopes, etc.), as well as a plugin for IDE
  • generic classes (generic functions already exist), as well as integration of generics into KPHPStorm
  • vector<T> and map<K,V> instead of a usual PHP array
  • partial support for Reflection API
  • nullability tracking
  • type aliases
  • phantom types

Backend / server features

  • tracing API that outputs a timeline of an HTTP query for OpenTelemetry/Sentry
  • conan integration, to make it easier to install KPHP from sources
  • streaming TCP sockets
  • built-in support for MySQL, Postgres, Tarantool, Redis
  • extend PDO support (prepared statements, etc.)