KPHPStorm — IDE plugin

For easier development, a plugin for PhpStorm was developed. It makes IDE understand KPHP specifics.

This plugin in the JetBrains repository

Brief info

  • extended types in PHPDoc: arbitrary nesting, ?nullable, tuples, shapes and other KPHP types

    phpdoc types

  • extended type inferring with per-key access completion and stdlib enhancements

    extended tinf

  • @kphp- doc tags autocomplete and validation

    @kphp doc tag

  • strict type checking in function calls, assignments, return statements, array access, etc

    strict typing

  • … and much more!

Detailed info

Landing page (in Russian)

KPHPStorm greatly improves coding accuracy, indicating if you have missed typing or if types are inconsistent.
You see these errors immediately, not on compilation fail.